Show Notes – RhinoCast Episode 02

Show Notes – RhinoCast 02

We have been overwhelmed by the success of our first podcast. We received over 100 views in our first week. Thanks to all the folks who listened to our first podcast but we are back with episode 02!

Building simple machines in the 3rd/4th grade class
Building simple machines in the 3rd/4th grade class

The first episode of the podcast had no theme but we always has plans to introduce them in future and with episode 02 we are beginning. Episode 02 centers on the Elementary program at Harmony.  This includes grades K-6 and the Early Childhood Program. We interview 3rd & 4th Teacher Matt Rosenthal, ask a bunch of Elementary students the Question of The Week and center the Current Events segment on elementary club program.

staff_mattrosenthalAs mentioned , this weeks guest on Meet The Staff is Matt Rosenthal. According to his bio “Matt taught fourth, fifth, and sixth grades for 13 years in the Owen County public school system. He is excited to be teaching at Harmony in a more student-centered environment. He loves teaching collaborative problem solving, creative writing, and hands-on science.” Thanks for joining us, Matt.

The second episode of RhinoCast is also being hosted and streamed from SoundCloud.  This allows us to track listens better and store larger files.

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